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NEW Video - Emily Paints a Cup of Coffee - Oil Painting Demo - Awesome!

edited June 2017 in General Discussion
Awesome short video, paints quickly in one short session.


  • I haven't seen this yet but I typed "Emily paints a cup of coffee" in the Google search field and up it came!  Amazing.  I'm going to watch it now.  I can't help think that here we are two housewives and homemakers still painting and being taught by the same teacher.  Something good about that.  Hmm.   :3  

  • SummerSummer -
    edited June 2017
    Wow!  What I was most surprised about was how well Mark's method was demonstrated in this painting.  Wonderful companion video to Mark's videos.  I will be a better painter for having watched it.  Don't miss it you guys.  Emily, you did g-r-e-a-t!!!  :)  Summer
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