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edited June 2017 in General Discussion
 I just have to tell someone. My big tree picture has been selected as a finalist in the $20,000 Lloyd Rees Prize. I am so stoked just to be in the running as a finalist. I won't win - I'm up against other finalists who have been Glover Prize winners - but that doesn't matter. At least I'll have something to put on a CV if ever I get to have an exhibition and it is a great encouragement to keep painting. The winner will be announced on 4 July and all of the finalist paintings will be exhibited at the gallery and be on sale from 5 to 20 July. When they are put up on the website you'll be able to see them here:  .  (At the moment there's just a list of the finalists names.) Here's my entry for those who haven't seen it - it's 100 X100 cm or about 3'3" by 3'3": 

Thanks to Mark for showing me how, and that I could, and to all the members here for their wonderful feedback, support and encouragement. <3


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