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Mona Lisa

edited June 2017 in Off-Topic Discussion
So I wanted to share this with you all because as artist I know you will appreciate it. Ed Salazar is a fine art artist who painted biblical themed art for free and donated his works for 22 years to be published to help readers picture bible accounts. He did this anonymously throughout that time. 

He he is a master painter, I love his insights  on old masters and thought his comments on the Mona Lisa worth sharing....

He is a humble person, I have asked many questions to other artist on instagram but usually I never get a response. He always responds and I have never met him personally, I love that.

here he is with portrait of his wife and one of his commissioned pieces. 

Hope you enjoy and find the thoughts about Mona Lisa as interesting as I did. ( He posts other old masters as well and interestingly enough his comments are similar to what Marks says )
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