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Nice blending demonstration, showing milky colors

Florent Farges has a nice demonstration of blending.  He paints two spheres side by side, one with blending, one with just application of the right color/value in the right place, with a loaded brush.  He cites Speed and Sargent as examples to follow.  It confirms and vividly demonstrates what Mark is telling us.



  • Thank you, this affirms my last painting, #2 precisely, and yes vividly demonstrates what Mark has been teaching us. I needed that!
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    Also see Mark's video named "Wet On Dry Oil Painting Demo", found in a thread here named "What I've Been Working On" ArtistMartin1 June 8 c/o Movealonghome June 12 posting.
  • I actually saw this before finding mark carder. Nice to watch it again now that i understand more
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    Great demonstration. There is so much more vitality in the second sphere. And if you look at Sargent's work closely you can see that he rarely blends but puts a dab of the right value/colour and shape in the right place then leaves it alone. The difficulty (and the skill) is in mixing the right value/colour and  getting a correctly shaped blob of that mixture in the right place. And, just as difficult, is then leaving it alone. I fiddle and fuss too much but will keep trying to develop this skill.
  • Great video, thanks for posting Paul.
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