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9th painting: Forgotten boats

Hello everyone,

Here's my 9th painting. Reference photo taken from; canvas size 20'' x 16'', the largest I've ever used. Still, instead of using more of the larger brushes, I've used the smaller ones more (#2, #0 , even a tooth pick). I blame the reference photo  :p . It took too long and can't wait to put it away.

In the photo the sky looks lighter than actually in the painting. The camera darkened the foreground, which is why I added a shot with a lamp's light directed at it (bottom most).  Also, I realized painting clouds is my weak point. I need to carefully choose my ref. photos next time.

I will be really happy to be provided with suggestions for improvement. Also, when i finish 10 paintings, i would like all the forum members to review all the paintings, but that's for later.

Thank you



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