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Hello folks

Hello folks, I go by the name of RobertC.
And this is my first time posting.
Im a 62 year old man , married some 37 years, with three grown daughters with kids,that have their own lives.
I have been drawing most of my life, mostly pencil and charcoal.
Also a little in acrylic.
When it ever came to oil painting I fell flat. Did not know what I was doing.
I had every color in the spectrum,  but still I could never get it right.
Coild not mix the right color or thin it correctly.
All I did was guess at everything.
I also was impatient. I wanted to get to the meat of the painting without proper preparation.
i did not know how  to prep.
In fact I did not know anything about how to paint.

Well later in my life , retired, looking at my wife looking at me. I decided to get back to painting , but from a different angle.
First do a study on mediums. Always had a major problem with mediums, either to thin or to thick.

And if I did have it right I did not know it:)
I Studied from all type of artists, and decided to give it a try.

Also, I decided to get rid of all the old oil paint from past failed attempts of putting paint on a perfecly innocent piece of canvas.
I wanted to paint from just three primary colors and black and white.

Now that was a tall order to follow, when in fact I did not have a clue in mixing colors when I had the thirty tubes of paint. Let alone five tubes.

I humored myself anyway and moved on.

I started a painting of my grand daughter of a pic I took some twelve years back.
After training through numerous hours of YouTube , It began In what I thought was going pretty good.

That is until I ran across Marks website.
Everything changed. I thought I was painting somewhere in the vicinity of calling myself and artist.

When I found his site I knew I was at the right place.
Everything changed on how I attack a painting.
I needed to know how to paint , when to go left or go right. How to mix and prepare my canvas.

Marks site provided me with everything I needed to know and learn.
I  read and listened to everything he had to say about all aspects of painting.
I would be up at all hours just listening to his YouTube vids.
I did every thing that was asked to do.
I even built a plotter and a color checker from his specs. Also the two glass pallets. 
I mixed the paint threw his method of slow drying paint.
I could have bought his paint, but decided to go mix it per his instructions.

That was absolutely a great way to learn about paint and mixing.  Who knew pre mixed paint and medium.
After much time in his website, I finally said it's time to sink or drown.
I decided to stop work on my grand daughters painting and go right into Marks study.
Everything is ready to go , down to the prInted and laminated picture of mess that I spent setting up in a completely different part of my small home.

Here is my first attempt at Mark Carder instructions.
Sorry for bad pic of photo it's dark .it was tough taking picture without glare.

I have been following this site since April.
My life changed from that point on.
Thank you good folks and Mark, I have learned a lot.



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