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The Artist RJ Dygert

Not sure I am done with it but its pretty close.  The photo is a little distorted because its just an iphone and the canvas is wet so I can't set it up for a good shot. I took some liberties but I think the values work and the likeness is good.  Let me know if there is anything you think I should work on.

BTW, you should check out Bob's website.  He has some very nice work.



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    The resemblance is striking, well done. Do you use a fan brush, do you have one? I was considering using one for rendering hair, to get the finer effects.
  • It's really good. Things I noticed are his mustache looks like it's growing out of right nostril. I would soften the hairline at top of forehead and also where beard meets skin on cheeks. The shadows at neck/collar might need softening. I really like the eyes, great job.
  • Thanks Foregiveness, I do not use a fan brush but it sounds like a good idea.  I will try it.
    Thanks Dawn, I will go back over those areas 
  • All of the edges are too well defined LOL. Seriously it all works. A second look at the eyebrows maybe? I cant say exactly what is needed. A bit of detail maybe? Congratulations on another fine work. How long did this one take?
  • Another very nice portrait, @MikeDerby. I've never done a portrait so hard for me to give helpful advice...  Perhaps a bit more vibrant brushwork on the face and forehead since those areas look a bit bland compared to the vibrancy of the beard and hair.  But I'm probably wrong about that. I think it's a good portrait and hope my first (if I ever get to it) turns out even half as well. Well done!
  • Thanks Bob and Tassieguy.  This one took about eight hours and is sort of a limb breaker for me.  It's dark, like my Dutch favorites, and the source photo was fairly light, so I was composing as I went.  Once again, no premixing and to me the result is rather plain.  It's a good likeness and that's all, what the Dutch called a "tronie".  I have discovered that my style, or at least my preference, is a much more finished painting.  I simply cannot make myself do the slash and dash style on someone's face.
  • At your skill level, would there be any advantage/benefit to go back to premix/steps? I mean would that help with a slash-n-dash or other method you may like?
  • Hey Bob.  Yes, it's obvious I should be premixing and I will go back to that on the next painting. Basically, after Miss Rice, I was pretty tired and just got lazy.  I wanted to do some experiments and play around some.  That meant it was mostly unplanned. I had fun but the results were not as satisfying so it's back to the proven method for me.
  • Spontaneity and experimentation are almost as important as having fun. Satisfying or not, the results were pretty darn good.
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    It is a good likeness. The thoughts that came to my mind before scrolling and seeing reference photo was he has life and realism particularly in the eyes and nose. And I do agree with you darker backgrounds are great and add drama. 
    After seeing reference photo I still think the same lol. 
    You enjoyed painting it, you did a great job, and so what if it's not polished you set out to accomplish certain goals and made it happen = win win! It's a good piece  of artwork and better than that crazy painting that won $40,000 that I can't even look at cause it gives me a major headache lol. (With this one I can look at it and admire the work and skill) Well done!
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    Fantastic! I like what you're doing. As for the fan brush, might have to practice with it, learn to handle it. I may be mistaken but I believe tassieguy used a technique with a fan brush to depict slight detail in grass in one of his recent paintings and wrote about it in his post. This was also his breakthrough piece. "Huon Valley Pastoral" April 15 posting.
  • You know what @MikeDerby , I think this is a perfect example of why paintings are superior to photos. Your painting has character and life. The photo is drab. Brilliant job.
  • Why is it I feel like I'm being admonished when I look at him. Is his expression a little on the stern side. I don't know but it must be a pretty good portrait to get personal feelings from it. Good work @MikeDerby.

  • Thank you @jswartzart .  I have only done two paintings with dark backgrounds and it is a different dynamic, which i really like.  I hesitate to use it too often because it was so prevalent for so long.
    Thank you @Forgiveness . I really appreciate your support.  I have used the fan brush many times, especially in my Bob Ross phase, which was short but significant.
    Thank you @Roxy .  what a wonderful thing to say.  when someone asks me why photos are not good enough i ask them where their photos are.  They reach around and pull them out from under their butts.  I then tell them that is why.  You will never see a painting under your butt  =)  We hang them on our walls for hundreds of years because they are not just better, they are entirely different.
    Yes @BOB73 .  You are being admonished to go get your paints and get going.  But no, Bob is one of the sweetest guys you will never meet.  What you see is his intensity, reflected in that penetrating gaze.  Thank you so much for perceiving it.  If you felt that, i did indeed, succeed.

  • Mike, getting there. New Roof and eaves are finished. New garage doors too. Gutters are next. Then replace door jambs... repair cracks in walls. Paint, replace tile and wood flooring... All kind of bad things can happen when your foundation slips/tilts/cracks. Some things you just can't fix with a paint brush. But three or four more weeks then everything should be picture perfect. BTW were it not for frequently retreating to this forum, I would have lost my remaining meager sanity a long time ago. 
  • @BOB73
    Best wishes for the rapid completion of all those essential but non-DMP activities 
  • It is D M P... Dump, Mend and Paint (or PAY). We've filled the 30 cu.yd. dumpster twice and it's almost full again. Still have to remove tile and carpet. In anticipation of finishing I ordered another bottle of clove oil so when I start a new batch of SDM it will be fresh.
  • Great mike. Check glint in left eye. Yea, im picky, sort of.
  • Thanks @some. I think you are right 
  • Thank you for this final posting in appreciation of your struggle which I can relate with. It's a very beautiful portrait, especially like the way you rendered his eyes. I'd like to see it again once varnished.
  • Wow, what a difference! So much more depth. The skin tones are no longer bland. Now I see the difference I'm going to have to use a decent camera instead of my phone. Well done, @MikeDerby, another really good portrait!
  • Wow @MikeDerby  That's some awfully good rework. What a difference. Good Job!!!
  • MikeDerby – You have to keen about eyebrow details. It seems to dull enough.

  • @MikeDerby ;  I love his expression - nicely done!
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