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Twin sheet sea bed WIP

Been playing with this for a couple of evenings. 9x12 oil on gesso board. Painting from life. I guess it's more of a sketch that I hope to develop. Used a plastic bin top to get a blue background and a blue plastic grocery bag to filter the light. Still needs way more work. Thanks for looking :) 



  • It's looking good, @RonHop.  The brushwork is pleasing and the yellow of the fabric against the violet of the mussel shells and background is a pleasing colour combination to me. The composition flows from bottom right to top left with the objects filling the space nicely. If you're not aiming for photo realism you could just about call it finished.
  • Really good.  Nice innovative low-cost techniques to set the scene.  I look forward to seeing the result.
  • Good work, Ron. I like the color harmony.
    Is that an old spiral Pepsi bottle? I haven't seen one in about four decades.
  • Thanks all for the kind words :) Rob, that was pretty much what I was going for with the bottles and slope of the cloth :) I'm glad that came across. I wasn't planning on putting too much more work into anything but the shell. I literally threw some paint on it just to fill the canvas and figured adjustments could be made on the second pass :) Mike, yeah I was very happy with how cheaply I put this together and it looks pretty convincing as an under water scene in the shadow box. Bob, I'm pretty sure it could be a pepsi bottle. I found both of these after the state put a culvert pipe on the edge of our property. Very thick sturdy glass. I just left the dirt in them and threw them into the shadow box :p I was surprised at how the warm color still persists even under the blue light. Maybe some secondary light from the room? I don't have a black room like Mark.
    I'm trying to build up speed to break out the pochade box and begin painting outdoors. Kaustav makes it look so easy. Not sure if I can approach what he is doing right now. Just have to work up the nerve. Thanks again everyone :)
  • edited June 2017
    @RonHop I hope this helps. I like your approach on this painting and what you did to arrive at this. I expect to be painting outdoors soon as well, need to finish building my pochade box.
  • Looking good.  Impressed with your inventiveness.
  • I actually really love this composition. I'm not sure WHY, but I just do. The main sea shell is really well done, and I love the subtle hints of bluish indigo in the other surrounding shells. The light levels are also really well captured.
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