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FAMILY. 2017. Oil on canvas. 100cmx70cm

My new painting. I want to read reviews and suggestions. thank's.


  • Wonderful painting. excellent detail and realism with just enough visible brush work to distinguish from a photograph. The happiness and charm shines through. Love the background too.
  • Very nice.  Did you have any other background/bokeh options?
  • Thiago

    Terrific family portrait. Good likenesses I presume. Figures are well proportioned and composed.
    Expressions appear natural and not stilted by posing.

    My only suggestion is the tonal or saturation contrast between the figures and the background.
    The background is too strong and appears like a last minute decision to block out distracting detail.
    The resultant photograph of the painting then shows over exposed light values in the figures, particularly the white clothes.

    The strong light from top right of the figures doesn't seem to match with the background which has no light direction clues at all. Overall the contrast range is too broad; the daks too dark and the lights too light.

    While I have said it is well composed it is possible to improve the composition by something more interesting than a line up.


  • Beautiful family portrait, @[email protected]"Thiago.nunesousa" . The background works for me.
  • Welcome back.  I have missed your submissions.  This is another excellent work but Denis has some good points.  I notice that the two men on the left have greater depth, especially in relation to the background.  Perhaps it's just the contrast.  It's interesting that the two on the right appear less three dimensional.  Perhaps it's the change in value in the background or the uniformity of the man's suit.  But these are small observations and a bit of a reach to offer you some constructive feedback.
  • Summer said:
    Very nice.  Did you have any other background/bokeh options?
    the client asked for something in that tone. the original background of the image has people that hinder. when I made the fund the client was looking and approved.
  • I would have done differently today. eye and I do not like it anymore.
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