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First Alla Prima - Cow

This is my first alla prima, or close enough to it.  I tried to go from start to finish, but there was a point where I had to stop, because it turned into a plate of soup I was stirring with a brush.  I will go back in a few days and add the tweaks I want.

I was really trying to get the values right, and avoid fiddling with details.

I had a problem with the grass, because I could not achieve the saturation I wanted in the foreground, which makes me think the photo is manipulated out of the range of my paint.

The other problem I have is that I could not match the correct color for the tail.  The tail is a stringy, hairy thing with the grass showing between the strands, and a pile of dung behind it, which I left out because it was oddly placed.  I could not match it, and having changed the background, I painted myself into a corner.  Lesson learned.

Geneva paint on 6" x 6" wood panel.  3 hours.


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