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It really works and I'm so pumped!!!

I failed art class in high school because all I cared about at the time was being the next Steve Vai. I haven't drawn or painted...well...pretty much ever.  Didn't get into this form of art.

Only last December did my wife and I lay awake one night talking about how much we loved watching Bob Ross as children and she surprised me (and herself, lol) that Christmas with all the essentials to do my first oil painting as a gift and we've both been painting a few times a week ever since.

So May 17th (my birthday), I made us both a proportional divider out in my woodshop and TODAY I put it to use for the very first time!! It's just a random picture of my daughter that I wanted to sort of use as a test subject. With only 2 "golden lines" which weren't even in the optimum places, might I add, bc I didn't refresh on the QnA video "drawing key points" beforehand. I know it's not perfect, but for a first go, for a non-artistic person...I just blew myself away...For real Mark. Thank you so much! Now if I can just get my values We'll see what happens. :) Can't wait until I get the time/money to enroll in the portrait course! If I can accomplish this, haphazardly on my own within an hour or so, I can't imagine what kind of things I'll leave with after personal instruction.



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