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New Brushes-I'm Impressed

Just received some new brushes. I'm very impressed with the quality, and yes!, the speed of the order. I ordered them, then, two days later (in the morning) they arrived. Shipped from England to the northeast U.S.  Takes a week or more for something to arrive from Illinois or North Carolina. ;-} Go figure... ;)


  • I use Rosemary brushes too. They are very popular amongst artists I've seen at shows here in the UK.
  • I bought some, too, and they are really great brushes but they don't take rough treatment. I have to stop pushing my brushes around.
  • Keep on pushin Rob. Looks like it's workin for ya :)
  • Just got back from PACE and they had a VERY busy booth there.  Gotta place an order and see what all the fuss is about.
  • I just recently heard of these Rosemary brushes a couple of days ago. Glad to see some positive reports. Will order some soon.
  • I bought some a few weeks ago and also like them. So far I have not abused them too badly, lol... Just started painting again (local group class) and have one almost done and another started. After a while I was reaching only for the Rosemary Brushes. That said... I really needed new brushes so most of my old ones are no competition, haha...
  • Ahh! Rosemary brushes...I won't buy those; I don't need those...  :/ 
    Don't have money to buy those  :s
  • I bought a bunch of brushes of a variety of "name brands" on special sale from Artists & Craftsman (from their original store in Portland, ME). Turns out, they found a warehouse FULL of "second" quality brushes at the manufacturers' location. ALL the brushes (from Princeton to Daler-Romney, SOHO,  and many, MANY other brands) were made in the same plant - the manufacturing mistakes were things like printing errors, or no bar code, etc. Some really, REALLY top brushes, and some cheap ones - all cheap in price.  Unfortunately, they have finally run out of this wonderful sale :'(   I keep hoping they will find another warehouse but it seems unlikely. ;)

    Will check out the Rosemary brushes next... My current favourites are Langnickel Royal Sable (also purchased on sale from A & C, but not on the special sale.... ;) )

    I recommend A&C if you are ever in Portland (or any other town where they have a store.)  It's employee owned, so they really, REALLY know how to treat and help their customers!!
  • Perfect timing! Thanks for sharing!
  • I love my Rosemary brushes! I have about 5 or so of their sable blends and they are almost the only brushes I use 
  • Yes, I love my Rosemary Ivory brushes.
  • Cesar Santos talks up Rosemary Brushes and give some chat about uses for different brushes

  • He's as much fun as Bob Ross. He seems not to agree with my use of FAN brushes for grasses, hair and fur. When I win the lotto I'll get a drawer full of those rosemary brushes; maybe. I still like the fat-skinny-fat long handles on my W&N brushes. Thanks for posting this video, @Boudicca.
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