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This is my nephew John.  I told him I would not be painting him in the style of a fashion model.  It would be rougher, more masculine.  He said "I'm Fine with That".   :)
This is looser and freer.  A real departure for me.  I see some good things and some things I am not so enamored with.  I did it in two weekends with plenty of other things going on, so I guess I have 16-20 hours in it.  Its 24x20, oil on panel, which is also a departure for me.  I love the feel of the brush across the smooth panel.  I made it with masonite from the home center and added stretchers to the back for stability.  Then I routed the edges for smoothness and uniformity.  Finally, I applied 2-3 coats of gesso and sanded between coats. There are no nails or screws, just glue.
Finally, I used a Zorn palette for the face and  mixed everything on the fly.  A total departure from the method and for me personally.  I did check colors so they are pretty close.
I hope he likes it.  Let me know what you think.



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