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WIP - DMP #5 portrait

Well I am starting fresh, this time I am painting using a photo, same size as canvas and right next to it. This is a picture we took of my son 7yrs ago his first time to the ocean. 
I blocked in some of the darker water and will paint the foam layer - just felt I need that little bit surrounding him to get going on him.


  • Nice Hat! Looks very good. Don't rush it.
  • This will be adorable :)
  • edited May 22

    Little more
    I am trying not to rush this but it's so small it goes fast. I was so surprised with some of the skin tones I thought as I was mixing that I was way off and didn't know what color to add to get it right... checked the color and it was spot on I know my photo doesn't show it but it really is.... to me the really photo looks more yellow but when I dabbed it on there it was the same color  :o
    even the darker shade I thought it was much darker than it is I had to lighten what I thought it was quite a bit to match it... wow perception mark is right about what we think we see and what it actually is.

    I also really wanted to blend his shirt but didn't, thought it was looking so bad but when stepping back it was all what it needed to be lol

    Close up of his shirt and the highlights are on the actual picture but with my cover over it you can't see it. ( disregard white spots it's just a glare)

    i now know I much prefer painting this way verses just winging it on iPad references 
  • Don't blend till the end maybe not even then. The eyes are great. It should be easier from here on out.
  • Are you going to enter the latest challenge?, the topic is "portraits"! by October 15th.
  • @Forgiveness lol didn't know there was a new challenge but given how slow I am going on this and the talent on this forum probably not haha
  • Mike Derby initiated the challenge and just today (Yesterday?) said we need more women to participate. I guarantee what you have so far is much better than anything I'm going to submit. 
  • edited June 15
    A number of us have never painted a portrait in oil, a generous amount of time has been granted us to do this in and I suffer from stage fright. Challenges are quite fun, so much to learn and practice and it's great support to play with the others, great way to learn to support others as well. 
  • It's as sweet as Tupelo honey.  Please join the challenge.  Take your time and finish and it can be your entry if you wish.  You know what they say, " let the kid win".   =)

  • My lastest paintings lol . Not in oils FYI.... haha. I love summer and this is for my backyard oasis.
  • I started to say you could enter these in the Glover but I think we hammered that one enough. There were some very good ones over the years. I would love to chunky dunk but my pool was the first casualty in my renovation. Looks like a bomb crater now.
  • Post the final one for the portrait challenge...since you worked so hard on it. :)
  • He's adorable! 

    I'm all for the Flip Flop Zone.
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