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Studio lighting

edited May 2017 in Studio & Supplies

Hello everyone,

I know the topic of lighting was already covered, but I have a confusion about it, so I hope someone can help me. After seeing many options, I became confused what to buy. Until now I was painting in my living room  using only 1 CFL bulb with 23W, 4500K and this wasn't strong enough, but I couldn't find better in my country. Now I moved to my small studio with apr. size of 3 x 3m2 and 2,4 m height.

I think originaly Mark suggested the ceiling light with 2 CFL bulbs of 85W, 4800-5400K, placed 35 degree to the eyelevel of the canvas. My questions are next:

1.Do I still need 2 CFL bulbs 85W each, which would mean apr. 600W equivalent, for my small studio or is 1 CFL 85W enough?

2. Is there any LED bulb that is strong enough on the market?  

3. Is it better to get ceiling light-spots 3 in one row  

or one rounded version of 3 light-spots?

My option is to buy one of the above mentioned spot-lights and pair it with either:

Am I on the right track? Your advice what would you choose is highly welcome.

Best wishes, Thank you, Tanja


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