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A funny looking but sturdy pochade box

edited May 2017 in Studio & Supplies
Here is my mini outdoor sketching box. Total cost Rs. 300. Don't laugh as a lot of efforts went into making it, without any proper tools apart from wood glue, scissors, pockets knife and my arm strength. Only thing that I need to put is a thumb holder below, and I am all set to go out. =) It looks flimsy but both the box and the cardboard separations are very hard and strong. I can literally paint anywhere now.

Back rest for the lid.

Inside, there is room for two cardboard panels.

Opened the box. I added a 9ml tube for scale but I can carry 20 ml tubes, rags and this box in a side bag. It is better to paint without mediums on paper, but I can carry a small plastic homeopathic drop bottle with tups+linseed mixture.

Put the palette below to show how it works. Grey plastic sheet pasted on top of a carboard. It is hard enough.

Brushes were cut to fit the size. I am carrying a lot of old brushes so that I can maintain the purity of tone.These are mostly smaller nylon ones, slightly harder than watercolor ones and a few old bristle brushes. See what I did to the palette knife.

Second test painting that I did, took me 15 minutes. I was planning to make this scene into a painting for sometime. So this sketch will be useful. Brushes are rested tightly behind the painting. They are practically immovable. Palette is immovable due to proper placements of bristle brushes below that are generally not used for such a small scale painting.

Removed the oil paper from the cardboard panel with a pen knife, glue stick on the side.



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