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Rosebud WIP [Completed]

RoxyRoxy -
edited June 2017 in Post Your Paintings
Hi everyone,

There's been a few flowers appear lately, so I thought I'd add mine to the mix. This is my first attempt using the DMP method; in fact this will be the first painting I'll ever finish. I did try oils many years ago but got frustrated at not being able to mix the right colour, and at the different pigment consistencies, and at spending too much time cleaning brushes and not painting, so I gave up almost immediately. I was therefore very excited to come across Mark Carder's DMP method (almost 20 yrs later!) which offered solutions to all those problems - and I knew immediately I had to have another go. I am truly humbled by Mark's generosity, and his clear and thorough approach to teaching not only the method but also the underlying theory. I've added my initial drawing, and progress so far. 50 x 50cm (20 x 20 in), oil on aluminium panel.

Thanks for having a gander.

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