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Hi, need inspiration, from very wet, grey United Kingdom.

Yes, I know just pick up a brush, mix and paint - but it's the lack of inspiration at the moment which is causing me problems.  Where, how do I get started again?  Maybe confidence has flown the nest, I have a degenerative eye condition and perhaps need to surmount my angst about this in order to start producing 'Gauguins' again.



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    @CJM, if it's wet and grey there you could exploit this to create a beautiful painting that explores the soft colours and subtle value gradations we see in those weather conditions. You could part the clouds to add a splash of sunlight somewhere in the picture to brighten the mood. Don't think about it or wait for inspiration - just pick up those brushes.

    Happy painting!
  • Hmm, what do you like? My husband keeps telling me that over and over lol... when he sees a new painting of mine first thing he asks me is this what you like? I say not really I think this is what might sell..( I gotta start taking my own advice) 

    for inspiation I look at pictures that move me I want to paint them so badly but keep putting them off because I have some other project getting in the way.

    But I still believe it is good advice and one of theses days I am going to follow it too! ;) may help you it is free and pics are also copyright free as well as (paint my photo) 
  • Paint big. You can see what you're doing and even if it turns out all wrong people will love it because it is big. The bigger it is the more fun you will have.
  • See recent post on stepan kolsenikov. 
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    When I started learning to paint in realism 1978, one of my favorite teachers said; "my greatest enemy in painting realism is "boredom"(lack of inspiration), I absolutely must fight against this." You are on the right track! What do you really like? What do you really want most? I recommend be gentle and take your time, pay attention, learn and don't let the artist curse get you down or keep you from progressing.
  • What is the saying? Something like, "Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working," is that the saying?
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    have you considered Mark's most recent videos? How To Paint From My Imagination - Painting demo and Emily paints 2 doors!
  • If you like these above, glad to share mine. Please let us know.
  • When in doubt of what to paint, paint a self portrait.
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    @CJM You should go out. That will make all the difference in the world.

    Buy or make a small box like this  (this is the most convenient box in the world, I made my own). If you don't want to spend on panels right now then paste oil papers on top of cardboard panels. You can paint without mediums on paper. When you are home remove those papers and paste new ones. You will have nice sketches for paintings. I think you should hear these lectures by Steven Baumann:

    For eye condition, I don't know what is the issue but wearing sunglasses may protect your eyes from the sun and give you different effects to paint that are not present naturally (we have a glaring sun in India, you sometimes fail to see anything, its too much light).

    For subjects, idea is...don't look for subjects. Find a place to stand or sit properly, set up your things, put paints on palette, take a deep breath and then see what is in front of you. If you are a good artist then you'll be able to bring life to anything. You can obviously get rid-of or include anything.

    For gloomy weather in England, here is a Frenchman named Monet painted the following scenes a few years ago. I think you will like these.

    And here is one that was done in France:

  • CJM

    Hi, need inspiration, from very wet, grey United Kingdom.

    Emigrate to Australia  B)


  • Still looking for inspiration @CJM ? Copy a Gauguin.

    Image result for gauguin
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