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Question about how to mix steps

Hey all,

I'm confused on this point. Do you colour check every single step in every colour group, or do you colour check the darkest one besides black and then just use that as a reference to make all the other steps?

I'm assuming you don't actually colour check every single step as you're mixing it, but how do you maintain the colour/tone while changing the value? For example, wouldn't adding white or yellow to any colour change the tone in addition to the value?



  • movealonghome

    Yes. Color check every step. You are training your eye and brain 'til you don't need to check any more.

    Find the complement colour on a color wheel and adjust the intensity to match your palette value.
    Gradually add this complement value to the palette value. This will mute but not changethe palette value.

    Happy mixing.


  • Thanks for the helpful reply :)
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