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Printer Question - Epson Stylus Photo R2880

Hey everyone,

I've found a good deal on a used R2880... it seems like an excellent printer (simply based on reviews), but as I don't really know much about printers I'm wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not this printer is suitable for doing occasional prints to paint from or if there's a different kind I should keep an eye out for.

Also is there anything in particular to watch out for when buying a used printer?

Thanks a lot!


  • $250 Canadian including a full new set of unopened Epson ultrachrome ink boxes... which appear to be close to $200 on their own...I guess printers don't re-sell that well?
  • movealonghome

    Sounds ok. Can you ask for a test print pattern produced by all such printers?  Look for fading, misalignment and color dropout. If you can take a photo you are very familiar with on a thumb rive ideally with pretty solid and rich color. Ask for it to be printed on your premium gloss paper. Look for crisp borders, no sign of barring in the color and a faithful reproduction, particularly flesh tones and red values.
    Ask about age, service history, repairs, jamming frequency and get some indication of the owners weekly throughput.

    Check that it comes with original software disk, power cable, USB cable & ALL accessories including: CD/DVD print tray, attachments for paper-rolls and fine art papers. 

    Finally as this model is long out of production compare the deals available on new equivalent Epson printers.


  • Thanks for the reply, @dencal

    I'm looking at the Epson Artisan 1430 as well and noticed that the ink for this one is much cheaper. For the purposes of just printing several photos a year to paint from... does it make sense to buy something like the R2880 or R3000 when ink only has a open shelf life of 6 months?

  • movingalonghome

    I have the Artisan 1430 and it works beautifully for the occasional print, around 20 per year.


  • Great I'm considering getting a refurbished one direct from epson
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited May 2017
    Amazon has refurbished from $199.00. that's the Artisan 1430
  • Ah, that printer is, unfortunately, long gone... Can't decide if I want to get a "cheap" (it's all relative) useful one for every day colour printing (which I tend not to do. Or bite the bullet and buy a "real" one that uses high quality inks and does high DPI.... Of course, I am a little short on funds at the moment, so it is a moot point ;)
  • The Artisan isn't available here, so I bit the bullet and bought a SureColour800... Haven't tried it out yet....
  • Having your own printer is very convenient. For me that's been the biggest advantage so far. Artisan 1430 prints are pretty good to but I have nothing to compare them to.
  • My experience with lower end Epson printers is not good. I have switched to Canon. I have owned 3 Epsons, including and Artisan, and they all have had paper feed issues. Endless headaches. Also problems with ink splatter. I would be careful.
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