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Work in progress. Any suggestions?

This is my second painting. 
It's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster this whole learning to see thing. I go back and forth between thinking I'm getting somewhere and then thinking I've been doing things all wrong. 

I THINK one issue I'm having is the light in my studio. I am painting next to a north facing window. I put up a black cloth behind me and blocking part of the window. I also mounted 2 utility lights with 5000k lumen bulbs as high as I can but that isn't very high. The ceiling is only about 8 feet. I ended up re-mixing and re-painting the majority of this because all the colours looked different-- maybe because it was a different time of day. I think I also realized that I had been tilting my colour checker to prevent glare but that was completely changing the value that I could see. 

Any tips about getting the light right in a studio with really low ceilings? See how dark this is? The composition is actually very light with a white wall in the background but it looks so dark. I just can't get my studio bright. Suggestions? 


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