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New Studio Pic


  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Welcome;) how exciting having new studio space!! Looking forward to seeing your first painting from it
  • movingalonghome

    Nice work. Two points to consider. Night painting will be fine but daylight glare and reflection on the palette will make value mixing impossible. That stool will make a big impression after a couple of hours. I can be four or five hours at the easel and would not survive seating like that.


  • Yeah i will close the blinds. I also have a sheet to hang behind me. I agree the chair probably wont be the most comfortable... Gonna see how it feels before buying something else though.

  • edited May 2017
    Welcome! You may want to consider a black sheet to hang behind you, this will help prevent unwanted reflected colors and light from interfering with your painting progress.
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    Compared to my unlined tin shed you studio looks very comfortable @movealonghome.  

    I'm jealous. And freezing. Winter has arrived in Tasmania. But I've lashed out and got the builders in to insulate and line it and install a wood stove and fancy lighting. I should be snug by the end of next week.

    Enjoy your studio. :)
  • Thanks for posting the studio pic, @movealonghome I love seeing how people set up their studios. You've got a good set-up there. I agree about the stool. After 30min my butt falls asleep and my brain follows 10 seconds after. Those telescoping stands look amazing. How high can you make them? Expensive? Where do they come from?
  • edited May 2017
    The light stands are made by a company called Photogenic

    They're very nice... heavy base, easy to roll around, have a small footprint compared to tripod light stands, and are basically impossible to tip over. Luckily I got them free from my dad who had them left over from an old photography studio. They're definitely not cheap, but you could probably find some less-expensive light stands on casters.

    The one I'm using for lights goes to 8 feet, and the other one is 4 or 5 feet high.

    Was definitely stoked to find them, as the other light stands I'd been looking at are pretty crappy in comparison.
  • Thanks for the info @movealonghome . at $200 each I'm going to stick with the 2X4 stands. They're cheap and smell like pine.
  • The guitar-shaped palette is clever.

    Just kidding.  Nice space to work in, with a view too.
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