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Geneva paint for sale -- save $130.00 -- ** SOLD ** Thanks.

I have decided to switch my paint brands from Geneva to Williamsburg plus a couple of others. I have a large stock of Geneva paint that I will sell at a substantial discount. I will also pay postage.

The only conditions are that one person buy the entire stock and that delivery be in the U.S. In addition, I will throw in 2 tubes of W&N Griffin Alkyd burnt umber and one tube of W&N Griffin Alkyd titanium white for tinting canvas the way Mark does for free (worth $30.00).

The retail value of the Geneva paint comes to $366.00 and I will sell it for $266, a savings of $130.00 counting the free W&N.

The first person to respond gets it. You'll be able to pay me by a PayPal invoice I'll send. I'll need your email address, of course, to send you the invoice.


  • Can I ask why you are changing to Williamsburg?
  • @Richard_P sure. As you might know I have a teacher here, Cindy Procious ( She uses Williamsburg (along with some W&N and Holbein), and her palette is quite a bit broader than the Carder palette and it seemed easier to switch paints while studying with her, that is, both easier on her and on me.

    She very much likes my premixing of colors and my use of the color checker as learned from Mark (whose method she's familiar with) and has strongly encouraged me to continue adhering to that part of the Carder method. 
  • @martenvisser, I probably didn't present that very well. It's not that she doesn't want me to adhere to, or wants me to change, or to alter the process I started learning when I went to Austin to study with Mark.

    Rather, I went to her and asked her to take me as a student. Her painting is very rarely wet in wet. She does layered work mostly, and that's what she teaches.

    I know nothing about painting in layers. In fact, the first time I ever dipped a brush in oil paint was at Mark's. My experience had been years of watercolor.

    So, if she's going to teach me, she'll teach me the way she paints. Nevertheless, she was very impressed with what Mark had already taught me.

    Hope I've explained the situation better this time :-)

  • May I ask a question....which pencil do you chose to use when sketching your outline? Mark uses a yellow colored pencil, but I notice Cindy in her demo uses something else (charcoal? Not sure) I was curious since you are trained by both which you prefer to use ( I currently struggle to find exactly the right item for my sketching) thank you.
  • @jswartzart, when I was doing my paintings with Mark's method, I used the same pencil he used, that is, the SOHO Urban Artists colored pencil in Naples Yellow Light. With Cindy I'm using a 2B charcoal pencil. You're right, she draws in charcoal.
  • You can contact me at martinrice1 at mac dot com.
  • The paints have been sold. Thanks for the interest.
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