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Can you apply GAC 400 and 100 over gesso after the gesso has dried?

edited May 2017 in Painting
- I've done 3 coats of gesso for these 24x30 canvases but I'm going to use oil paint and do not want it to rot the canvas.  These will be used for an art exhibit I've been accepted at.


  • sonnystrauss

    GAC 400 can be used in a similar fashion for stiffening canvas. Apply directly to the front of the raw canvas for maximum stiffness. It is imperative that it be applied directly to the raw canvas. It is ineffective over any other medium, and most likely will flake off and cause delamination of subsequent paint layers. Since GAC 400 is not effective against oil penetration, the use of GAC 100 over GAC 400 is recommended for oil painters


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