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Melbourne Van Gogh exhibition opens


An exhibition of thirty Vincent Van Gogh works runs for three months in Melbourne

Arts: 'Sadness will last forever': Living with the Van Gogh legacy

Vincent Van Gogh's final words were a grim prophecy for his descendants. But on the eve of a landmark exhibition of his artwork in Australia, what do his descendants think about the family legacy?

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  • Thanks for posting this @dencal, That was an interesting article. I had no Idea he had living descendants. Melbourne is lucky to have the exhibition. 
  • edited April 2017
    This is fantastic @dencal , this is an important legacy in life for the artist (any artist any discipline). many of us face same today, just a different time period. I've been enjoying the learning, has certainly had an impact on my life that made a difference. We featured a Vincent Van Gogh  exhibition, National Gallery of Canada recently (record crowds) but no word or news of the feature above, not as extensive exhibition as in Australia, but if it was I would have been there to see. Looks like a great exhibition to see and not miss out! It is incredible just how many from so many walks of life today are becoming aware and are learning from this!
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