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Thank you Mark!!

It's so rare to find exactly what you need, and for it to be mostly free.  Incredible, and such a service to the rest of us.  I'm starting my 3rd semester of art at the community college and I wish they taught art like this.  I learned "stuff" and draw a lot better now that I did... but this systematic method is so refreshing.

I start Painting classes next semester (I did pottery and drawing my first 2 semesters).  But I'll spend the Summer with this program.  There's no doubt I'll be Way ahead of the curve.  They don't teach oil painting because of the space and clean up required.  They teach everything else.  But, I have a feeling that won't matter.  Plus I'm sure I can get a special exemption to at least start an oil piece at school then finish it at home, so it will still qualify for the school art show.  

Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi."  I've never painted at all.  I never did any art before starting at the college.  However, I consider myself an artist in training.  I already sell my pottery in antique shops.  I plan on selling "clay mono-prints" as well starting 2018.  With a little luck and a lot of work I may be able to include oil still life's as well.  I'm 48 and work for myself which only takes 2 days per week so art is my "semi-retirement career."

Thanks again Mark.  It's just incredible that this exists.  I live a couple hours from Austin and I'm there almost every weekend.  Maybe one day I'll be able to swing a $3000 week with Mark in his studio.  Who knows?



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