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Mateus & Candle

Starting my "first" still life--I chose an old wine bottle my great grandmother gave to me, It's called Mateus, which is my name in Portuguese. Also a candle, my mom gave me this candle holder when I moved out of my parent's house--I believe It's brass. Anyways, I began today, and got as far as sketching the two figures in (I used white charcoal), the figures aren't perfect but I'll fix any misshaped areas as I'm painting. The photo of the still life is in full light (more or less), which was just for taking the picture--I'll paint them in partial light as Carder does. On that note, I had some difficulties with my light box (If you can call it that)--It is very temporary, but will work for now. Another note Is that I'm not painting this in oil, I will attempt it in acrylic--I intend to do my future pieces in oil. I have not purchased any oils yet. Last but not least I made my proportional divider and color checker a few days ago--both are made from Lowe's wooden yard sticks. Look forward to getting down some paint!






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