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Stupid Question about Stretcher Bars - 1st time stretching linen

I got my shipment of various sized stretcher bars to stretch my linen.  One side is stamped with size/make, etc...  the other side of each bar is clean - no writing/stamps etc...

It seems the clean side should face the back because that is what people will see but I don't want any print/writing/stamps possibly showing through on my linen if I staple the other way.

My linen will be folding over quite a bit and it is nice to just glance and see the sizes stamped on each frame.  Both sides have the "lip" to stop the canvas from ghosting.   Like pictured or words hidden showing clean frame?


  • This is quite a valid question. I prefer the frame to be clean, no info except the artist's markings if any are applied(signature, title, date, dimensions?). Where I live in Canada I don't have this problem, I do have stickers that I remove though. My art sales and framing experience tells me that this what most clients expect and most prefer, especially when it comes to closing the sale and what seems most professional, where I am from. When I purchase my stretchers I choose ones with no printing, if I had no choice I would hide the printing, too much noise for me. 
  • I just hope it never shows through the front/linen side.  New to linen so don't know.  Gosh, I miss my good ole buying cheap canvases at Hobby Lobby and Michael's days.  Plus!  I pinched the crap out of my finger and have a massive blood blister thanks to squeezing the corners together. 
  • edited April 2017
    You can sand it, just enough to remove or lighten the print on it, no worries. #120 or #180 sandpaper.
  • If there's a lip so the linen doesnt contact the bar I dont think the printing will show through but I would remove the labels so they don't fall off after a few years and cause a worry that maybe the frame is falling apart.
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