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Can I apply acrylic paint over OP linen to tone it?

- I've seen Mark apply fast drying alkyd paint over linen and then draw over it with colored pencil


  • sonnystraus

    OP linens are usually triple primed. There is no way of knowing whether this was done six weeks ago or six years past. Regardless, it is a risk not worth taking. An acrylic skin will prevent the oil prime from curing. 

    There are alternatives, - oil paint and solvent, water Mixable oils with water or natural solvent.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited April 2017
    @sonnystrauss ; I'm assuming you are referring to this paint recommendation from the DMP supply list: Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Color in both Burnt Umber and Titanium White, which should only be used for staining canvasses.  I'm not sure of your question, but solvent based resins in oil paints, such as the alkyd and oil combination in the paint that Mark recommends as okay to use over oil primed canvasses.  An acrylic paint would not be because it would be water based.  Sorry for all of the edits, hope that I have finally understood your question.  Summer   
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