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My studio set up

Here's a picture of my studio set up in my computer room.   I painted a quarter of the room black to help with glare with a dark back ground cloth hanging behind me as well.  I have a vary low ceiling of only 7ft high with a light fixture in the center of the room.  I have the light fixture shielded with some cloth hanging  about 14 inches down out in front of the fixture towards the shadow box so no light spill will enter the shadow box.   The light it's self is a 75 watt 5000k dimmable light.   I also have a 40 watt 5000k dimmable light in the far corner (to the right in the picture that you cant see)   The shadow box is a cardboard box.  It's 25"w by  16"H and 19" deep not counting the over hanging part.   The light in the light box is an ottlite  cmtl-15watt.    The shadow box is sitting on an small collapsible table which is sitting om Snap-On four drawer tool chest.  So the bottom of the shadow box sits just over 3ft high.


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