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Eye highlights

Is there some sort of rule as far as value and color for painting highlights of the eye



  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Are you painting from a photo?
  • General rule which Mark states is
    Paint in the dark first,avoid highlites till the very end.Imagine if you put white highlight of an eye first and then darks surrounding it and then you realize I made the highlites too big..So you mix it with dark colors to reduce it,but it will milk those colors so area surrounding the highlight will be lighter as compared to the darks surrounding that area,so it will create an undesired effect of cataract in an eye...
    So in many instructions I have seen that try to put the highlights of the eye in one go..One stroke...And then don't play with it.
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    See the color match it and paint the color:-)
  • pure white highlights aren't usually natural even when a photo is taken with artificial lighting.
    edited April 16
    This question reminded me of an amazing macro photographer that illustrates eye highlights and reflection better than most.    If you don't like spiders, you won't like many of these photos, but in some of his pics, you can actually see the camera equipment and his fingers reflected in the eye.  Bear in mind, a jumping spider can stand on the eraser of a pencil with room to spare.
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