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Hello from Idaho

Hi my name is Terance.   I just recently found Mark Carder's Youtube site (as of two weeks ago) and his Web site on DrawMixPaint.  I have been an on again and off again painter with watercolors sense 2005  (although I have tried oils mainly the Bob Ross method)  I have been looking for a long time for a method on learning to paint in oils with out all the smelly mediums and solvents.  I've watched quite a bit of Mr. Carder's videos  on his DMP method and I found it very appealing.   My first shipment of the Geneva Oils arrived earlier this week and I have built myself a color checker as well  and proportional divider.   I am still in the process of getting my studio/computer room in order.   Hope to have a paint to show you all in the coming weeks.


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