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Opposite of Mark's method, but fun to watch anyway

Check out how this guy paints:  
He is Russian which is too bad because I wish I could understand him.

Its fun watching him because he finds the form in the same way you would if you were doing a charcoal study. Very intuitive. He uses whatever tools he needs to (e.g. his fingers, paper towel, brushes).  That kind of intuition takes a long time to learn and in my opinion can only be learned through lots of practice.


  • I too watch his videos​...Igor sakharov....How does he manage to paint directly with the paints without any underdrawing,plus his style of painting is very different and unique
  • A lot of painters paint that way.  In my opinion it is more fun but requires a solid ability to draw.  The only way to develop that ability is through ton's and ton's of practice drawing from life.  Although Mark's methods will teach and train your color intuition (he does an excellent job of that) you eventually have to move on because it is a bit weak in terms of teaching one how to draw.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited April 2017

    Alongside painting practice find three hours a week to do some live figure drawing.
    There are reasonably priced sessions in every city, some with several models.
    Draw charcoal or pastel lines on newsprint with confidence.
    The model can only hold the pose for ten or twenty minutes.

    A sense of proportion and perspective develops quickly, gesture, weight and dimension follow.
    If you paint, then forming shape with light and dark is a dawdle.

    Best of all you get to meet and form friendships with dozens of other artists and models.

    The artists work you admire above is drawing with the brush. You can do this too.


  • Dencal is right and put it more succinctly "drawing with the brush", that is exactly what he is doing.  This may sound weird but doing figurative sculpture from a live model is also good practice.  The thought process is transferable to drawing and painting.
  • edited April 2017
    I believe that today's standards in classical studies include gaining mastery in all three, drawing, figurative sculpture and oil painting. And you should see the quality of work that these students are creating! incredible confidence and strength! well enough to draw with a brush at will.
  • @Forgiveness:  Yeah probably at an Atelier,  but a traditional college art curriculum is pretty lacking in terms of this.
  • The videо already deleted, but by the description, I immediately guessed that you mean Igor Sakharov. Very talented artist with a peculiar manner of communication
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