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Geneva Paints - shipped to Australia - Cost effective way?

edited April 14 in Studio & Supplies
Hello - wondering if anybody from down under (or that way!) has found a cost effective way to get the paints shipped to us?

Before I get a US postal address etc. and go down that road, thought best to check in case someone has already done this exercise in a cost effective manner. Thanks in advance!

Edited to say I'm trying to decide if it is best to get the paints shipped or purchase all the mediums and material to create my own version of the paints as per Mark's instructions.


  • If ebay freight charges from the U.S. are any indication, then the postage will be insane. Otherwise, getting a mill and trying would be a real hassle, unless Mark will tell you how. I live near Kingaroy in S/E Qld, just incase that is near to you.
  • @Mikep
    I'm in Sydney and yep, freight charges are pretty expensive. I might just hold off to see if Mark makes it available on Amazon etc. :-)
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