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Help! I'm stuck...

Recently I decided to rework a painting a started and stalled with 5 years ago, with the DMP method. The drawing is not accurate to the source - 5 year ago me took a lot of artistic license and didn't bother too much with transferring the image true to itself. As a result, I've had to imagine a few areas.
The source photo is teensy weensy, I'll include a photo of it as well. Another bonus is that the source photo is on black and white. Making my life easy *thumbs up*
I'm wondering if I need to rework the shadows. I don't want to repaint the whole thing again though. 
I'll include a few photos of where it started and where it's at now.
I look forward to any suggestions!! 
(I feel like I just need to start over... Let me know if you agree)

Where I'm at with it now:


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