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Reusing little paint storage tubs?

I think it was @dencal who suggested the little tubs to store paint steps? They've worked well, and now I'm wondering whether these can be cleaned and reused. How do I clean these? Just get paint out with rag/paper and then clean with turps?

Than you!
:) Anna 


  • Anna

    Yes. When I've brushed out most of the paint from the cup and toned a canvas or two, a dry tissue gets the residual. Dried on bits can be cleaned with alcohol or medium on a tissue. Pay close attention to the seals. I also use a non toxic (Grafitti Go) paint remover for tough spots.

    At around $2 to $10 for twenty snap caps it pays to discard any that may be difficult cases.


  • If paint dries and adheres to the walls of the tubs (as it will if you are not using Geneva and they are not full)  I find that running a small palette knife around the inside removes any paint.
  • Thanks! I'll follow those steps :)
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