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When you can't paint do you get... grouchy?


  • Richard_P

    No. I don't get grouchy, I get drawing.


  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Yes in deed:-) means I'm too busy!!!
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2017
    Yes, when I feel those negative feelings develop in me because other priorities are keeping me from painting or just working in my studio, I catch myself and consider the alternative:  Some of the greatest art ever produced was because the artists were institutionalized and they therefore had more time.  I know this is a little extreme, but it sure pulls me out of the doldrums pretty quick ha ha.   :)
  • I hate to admit it but lately (since the cloud challenge) I feel like I'm resenting everything that is holding me back including my own procrastination. The last because if I really wanted to I could set up and take down between sessions. Once I set up I don't want to take it all down and box it all up.
  • Yes I do...It's a strange feeling of guilt to not able to paint because of other things 
  • Depression sets in! 
  • edited March 2017
    I do my best to fight against this. I put a little more into pampering my self, forgiving myself for this shortcoming, work harder at being grateful, for who I am and for the artist that I am, and for all those who really support me, especially from this forum. It's sometimes lonely for some of us as well, often when we are surrounded by all the support we need all the time. I do my best to dispel fears, I do things that encourage me to be strong in the face of this, I continue to do my best to keep engaged in art, even if I don't like it, until I do again. Sometimes doing your best, doesn't feel very good, and this does pass, indeed. Sometimes, do something new, learn something new, real books are still cool and very comfortable, learn to get comfortable doing absolutely nothing! I encourage myself to smile and to laugh as much as possible, I stay close to heart felt things.
  • Yes, I get a little irritable if something is keeping me from painting. But that's an incentive to get done what needs doing ASAP so I can get back to what I'm happiest doing.

  • I'm on a lengthy separation from my painting, in another country.  One week has elapsed, and there is perhaps another six more.  I'm finding it very frustrating.

    The one thing I need to do is take photographs.  I'm in an area of outstanding beauty, and everywhere I look, I see a @Kaustav country scene.
  • @PaulB feeling depressed? Can't paint? You need Utrecht's thumb box! Make everyday special!  :) B) =) ;)

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