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Let me draw your portrait



  • Great drawing. Who wouldn't want to draw a guy with a great smile like that? But I guess you'd rather clean his teeth?
  • @willis, these are great.  Thanks for posting.
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    @willis, Very good work on both these drawings and I'm glad you enjoyed working from the photo I provided. Fantastic!
  • @Willis, those are such beautiful drawings! Keep drawing, painting and posting. :)

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           The above 4 sheets of drawings are exercises and formulas straight from the book, all around application. I took those and applied them to my model, where the measurements and facial features, posture and perspective differ slightly.
    This is basic foundation for portraiture, 4 weeks work, reading and studying. I "build" up everything else from these, all for one model, one pose.  I am learning from "how the best did it". An oil painting is indeed in the works here. It gets better!
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    You're on a good track, @Forgiveness. This dedicated study you are undertaking will pay off   :)
  • marvelous stuff.  i like the structured approach you are taking
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    Now with the corrected perspective, but here the angle for the center line is off (my mistake gone unnoticed, tracing paper accidently shifted), and it is the very 1st and most important line of all because everything else around it is built on this.
     Top row shows the process, from the rectangle in perspective, to the ball & plane, and on to further development shown above. One more drawing with corrections and the remaining features added to complete this set and drawing step. I'm not showing the reference photo for this, I don't have the model's permission at this time. The last 3 photos are 2 drawings on tracing paper stacked one on the other, my tracing and development process, as rendered by hand.
  • @MikeDerby    Darrel Tank -- thank you for posting this link. I really enjoyed watching this artist making this pencil drawing and quite frankly, it made me wonder why I paint when it's so satisfying to just sit down with a sketch pad and a pencil or two.  Of course in the back of my mind I think I'm going to turn out something of a similar quality!  @BOB73 ;  Well, Bob, you've been immortalised now. You have such a lovely kind face and the sketch is amazing really. Not quite as pretty as the girl Darrel Tank drew, but close?
  • Thanks @Dianna, The sketches by Mike and Mark are amazing but it would be sad if I were prettier than the girl that Tank drew. Belated Thanks to @Richard_P for blowing up my photo to be sketched. It wasn't the first time I was blown up.
  • Guilty admission time.. I didn't really blow it up, I just posted one of these:

  • These are great drawings!
  • Thanks @Richard_P, no wonder I looked so good.
  • I didn´t resist to join your haunt for portrets here -  good idea to practice and as I can see wonderful results are here !
    I made one quick sketch from your first photo too (about 20min with H2 pencil on paper blok), so you could revenge yourself if you want .. ;)
    Sorry this is not supossed to be a joke - I try my best but must be quick. I am absolut autodidact in drawing. 

    Well if you are still interested in portraits photo ... I have one to share

  • Nice @marik. Keep up the good work.  This thread is here for people to practice and I am glad you joined in the fun.
  • Rich_ARich_A -
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    I'm going to have to get in on this fun. I just got some new willow chalks that I'm testing out. 

    One thing I learned from drawing heads is that our eyes are exactly in the middle of our faces. If you measure from the top of your head to your eyes, it should be the same distance from your eyes to your chin. 
  • Rich_ARich_A -
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    Ok here's my portrait of Marik  Done in willow chalk. I have to say I was getting a Burt Reynolds vibe while I was sketching this.

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    Take #4, beginning with the ball and plane method (at the top), I have corrected the angles of the face and curved my angle lines to follow the face, and the perspective on the left side of the head. What comes next is study on the bone structure and muscles, then add rhythm and character into it. 

    The work in this drawing fits specifically to my model apart from the instruction book itself. 
    These studies come from Andrew Loomis; Drawing Heads and Hands, and Famous Artists' Course where Norman Rockwell was part of the faculty including a number of other great artists. 

    Thank you.
  • @Rich_A, wow it´s wonderful ! Thank you ... no one has yet drawn me ...
    Good work with willow chalk.  
    Burt Reynolds vibe ?? LOL :)
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     Following from above, The bone structure of the head and neck using the ball and plane method, as applied to my model. I am building my model from the inside out. I will be reviewing the planes and secondary planes of the head and neck anew once again. I used my trusty life size model skull set it up accordingly for help.
  • @Forgiveness these sketches are great almost draftsmanship like, will it develop into a painting some day,...
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    Yes the drawing method brings out the draftperson's skills for sure including my graphic design skills, only for these steps. If I had applied my skills to lifesize drawing these would have been looser. The above drawings are more than 6" X 8". The drawing becomes much looser and livelier near the end of the process. Instead of pencil, I am now setting up for oil sketches before the final oil painting, the fun stuff! To begin I will focus on brushstrokes and color, and I would expect texture in these strokes as well. Hopefully strong abstracts, and the photo I am working with already has strong contrasts, it's part of the work for this portrait.
  • @Forgiveness what a wonderful contribution. This is all so helpful 
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