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How do you seal a charcoal drawing on canvas before oil painting?

What type of charcoal do you use and how do you seal the canvas?


  • edited March 2017
    I too face a similar problem,on various websites it's written that you should use a fixative to fix your drawings on canvas...but to do it properly​ you should first remove extra particles of charcoal of the drawing so that drawing does not wear off even after applying fixative  and keep only sufficient enough to see your lines ...I have still not used any fixative,I just directly paint on the charcoaled drawing
  • I have been using charcoal sticks of all sorts for six years. When you draw on canvas, use vine charcoal; it is easy to erase with kneaded erasures; draw lightly onto the surface and then spray fixative. I use Daler Rowney, it is good.
    Before fixing, blow air from your mouth (if you are OK with it) into the surface to get rid of loose charcoal dust. If you can, then brush the loose dust with a soft brush but I don't like the idea as it smudges the lines. I blow air get rid of it. 
    One more tip- when you draw with charcoal on canvas - classical way is to use full arm motion to finish the subject with just one line. It looks beautiful too.
  • vincent desiderio showed a neat trick for the charcoal pre-drawing on canvas. he does his drawing and then goes ahead and puts shellac (red or amber) on it. and here is the trick: you don't use a brush for that will smudge the drawing, you take an old credit card or such and spread the shellac. no smudging, the drawing is fixed and on top of it you have a lovely reddish or amber tone for your canvas. i have been doing it for years!
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