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Making stretchers instead of buying

I watched Mark's video on his technique for stretching a canvas.  At the beginning, he says that he made his own stretchers.

I looked around and can't find anything on exactly how he makes his stretchers.  Anybody know how he makes them or is there a video I missed?


  • Probably he bought the stretchers and attached them himself. It is not worth making your own stretchers. It's a whole new craft that you need to learn. 
  • mstrick96

    This demonstration video starts making stretcher bars at 3.5 minuted in.


  • Thanks, Dencal,  he has a great method.  That's essentially the technique I use already.  I like it.  I was mainly interested in seeing how Mark makes his.  I can't quite tell from the video.  I'm always on the lookout for new ideas!

    Kraustav, since I retired, I tell people that one of my hobbies is collecting hobbies!  
  • I used to make stretchers, but Hobby Lobby sells this stuff so cheap that I found it not worth my time.
  • Most of the DIY videos for stretcher frames I've seen on YouTube leave out the important lip that forms around the outer edge and prevents the canvas from contacting the face of the wood. The one above addresses that issue. But that's a very labor intensive design and assembly technique. You can buy a boatload of custom stretcher bars for what the machinery and lumber will cost you.
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