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A huge "Thank you"

It has to be!

Dear Mark, dear forum-members,
About 10 months ago I decided to paint with oils instead of only using my digital workspace. I lost my job and wanted to take the time to grow as an artist and as a person. I wanted something more "worthy", something where you can't use tricks like masking and color correction and simply shoving things around when you messed things up. I didn't know anything about painting with oils in the beginning of 2016. I didn't know anything about canvasses, brushes, and well ... actually not even too much about mixing colors cause I was used to pick one, use it, or alternate it with a slider. I certainly have an art-education and I know about drawing. But looking back a year ... I didn't know anything.

And then I searched for advice on the internet. And I watched and read a lot of stuff, mostly theories and "opinions" if you know what I mean. Until I found the DMP Videos on youtube and this website. I can't stress enough how thankful I am for this community and Mark's "altruistic efforts" (forgive me, that's just the way I see it).

Last sunday I asked for a membership in an artist-community here in my town. I went there with two of my (what I would say) lousy livingroom-paintings and didn't expect people to like it or to get any further attention. After 30 minutes I had a contract signed and my own studio. Well, I didn't expect this. So now all my stuff is moving out of my livingroom and into a more rewarding and professional surrounding. Plus monthly exhibitions for free and the chance to finally sell something.

Of course I could say people like MY work and that it's obviously good enough. And that I painted my a** off to get where I am. But that wouldn't be the whole story to me. Without this website, without Mark and all of you here, I'd still be completely lost and clueless.

So. Take this. Thank you all.



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