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What is your day job?



  • My sincerest and heartfelt congratulations for that @Kingston. All other endeavors pale in comparison if you'll forgive a cliché.
  • Hey @Kingston! I’ll be 32 in Feb. My dad(RIP) managed to rack up 47.
  • I am a retired Navy pilot, and now I test drones for the U,S. Navy. Kids heading off to school and I am looking forward to making my next transition. I see myself as a working painter some day, not changing the world but capturing it a bit at a time. I hope. Thank you to all for your help and direction.
  • @Freeman, Thank you for your service. Congrats on your retirement.
  • Thanks @BOB73. This is hard work, but I am greatly enjoying it.
  • i am a supervisor for an Ocean freight carrier.  Normal 50 hour week, but since the IRMA hurricane it is more like 60, and my team is doing the same.  I started back to painting after a motorcycle accident 8 years ago and definitely wish I had more time.   i have learned so much from Mark and the forum i am so grateful.   I have always been dedicated to the company I work for, but there is Family, that I cherish.   Some people don't know how to separate  work and family.   I love the Forum.  Wish you all a Happy New Year.   thank you for all your stories.     
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    And thank you for sharing your story, @greendl. I agree - we can only do what we can do at the time. Family and work are important. One good thing about getting older, though, is that you get more time for yourself.  Enjoy your painting. :)
  • After a long career in sales and marketing, I am just now a stay-at-home mom to two gifted but special needs children. My husband and I had a retail business for about 8 years but then the great recession came along. We stood strong but finally had to close 3 years ago. It left us in a very difficult financial situation. I also was primary caregiver for my Alzheimer's mother who passed away just over a year ago. My husband's father, also dementia, passed away shortly thereafter.

    I am an active member of my church and school and volunteer for many different activities. Being an older mom has been an adventure. My daughter is my greatest cheerleader and she loves to draw and paint. In fact, she a very creative crafter. During Christmas break she wanted to paint with me. I love sharing that with her.

    My husband is 110% supportive of my painting and doesn't complain if dishes are in the sink or laundry is tumbling off its mighty hill. How blessed am I?
  • Any extra blessings I get I'll pass them along to you @Renoir. I have some associations with your brand of family situations. It is really a blessing if your daughters can enjoy crafts and painting while you do your own. Good Luck and God Bless.
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