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greetings from Poland

Hello All !
Greetings from Poland.
I love to paint and would like to learn from you. I do hope that someday I will be more active and helpful to you as well, but for now I am very beginner. I will not produce my paintings too often, but I would be very gratefull for all advices on how to improve my work.
I watched n read all free turtorials and Q&A films from Mark so I guess this is a good beginning to try..

I will try to comment your paintings too, just forgive me if my comments will be not kind of expertise, I can just say if something talks to me or not, hope it is fine at this point... Also pls forgive my english language which is not my strenght, I can rephrase my posts if needed - please just shout. Wish you all a good day and weeend. and fruitfull time in doing art.
All the best



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