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Studio light

When I was in Austin, Mark had a light fixture he made with three bulbs that was mounted 8 feet high at 30 degrees to the canvas behind my head.  I have been disappointed with my previous lighting so I made a replacement to mimic Mark's.  Mark specified that it should be 5000k (kelvin, which is white sunshine) to 5200k and lumens equivalent to a 100w incandescent bulb, which happens to be about 1600 lumens.  I bought a package of 4 LED bulbs at Home Depot for $25, a cheap $10 3-bulb bathroom fixture and a 14 gauge 25 ft appliance cord for $20.  All told, since the wood was free, I am in for $55.  If i paid for the wood it would have cost me an additional $5.  I was making additional Carder easels and it dawned on me that I could mount the lights on an easel.  This is the result.  I can move it where I need it and position it so the angle is correct.  The jug is full of water.  It is 8ft up just like Mark's.  It does need a paint job.  :)



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