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Drawings I Rendered In Prep For The Leap Into Oil Painting With Mark


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    # 1-Still life, multi media drawing on grey toned drawing paper, 18" x 24". #2 & #3- Still life with skull, on white drawing paper, 14" x 17". #4- Still life with Egg on a stand 8" x 11", white drawing paper. #5- Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, 10 1/2" x 13 3/4" white drawing paper. (again, these are but representation of the actual). My intention is preparing myself for the oil paintings that I would like to render in the near future. The first 3 of these drawings above are completed art pieces in themselves, the first 4 drawings in all are life size. 
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    I would like to add that these exercises provided an opportunity to get practiced with the proportional divider and the colour checker and a shadow box, I now use these all the time, like a pro now. And these drawings began as mere studies in pencil until, I was having so much fun that I just kept going until the end.    
  • mmhh... I bow my head... you know what you are doing. (I am not quite sure how you packed the bridge into the shadow box... ;) .)
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    @EstherH , Hee, hee, hee! 
  • beautiful work!! I can't wait to see your paintings
  • @nrmorrisII Thank you! I am really just a mere beginning here since Dec. 2016, completed one painting and presently completing my second, will post soon. I really enjoy your latest postings!
  • Judging by your drawings, you have the right mind to be an amazing painter.  I actually started painting a few years ago.  Like you, I mostly just drew with pencil, not even color pencil. I think because i was able to draw accurately (proportionately) and understand value, the transition to painting with the help of Mark's videos and tutorials was successful. I think you will have a similar journey.

  • wow!!.. your pencil work is awesome and so precise!! I too started with pencils but not nearly as good as these  =)
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    Thank you so much, @movealonghome , @Kschaben I can't seem to do anything worthwhile without it. The top three drawings will be oil paintings soon. I became aware of Mark in 2013 on youtube, watched and listened very carefully many times. In 2014 I was stuck living under very heavy road construction in the back of the building, for an entire year, impossible to paint even though already purchased oil paint and much canvas and stained 16 of these and made 2 shadow boxes, a proportional divider, color checker and rearranged/redesign my studio space all by Mark's Method. Too much shaking, tremors, building swaying, dust and dirt everywhere, impossible noise distractions and sleepless nights. He inspired me to draw in a new way adding so much more confidence in myself and better motivated and inspired to paint in oil. I drew in such a way to confidently move into the oil painting with greater ease and comfort, when I am ready. I introduced myself on this site end of November 2016, as I was now recovered, when I completed the drawing at the very top, my first ever still life drawing. My inspiration for drawing comes from studies in human anatomy, for I was taught that if could draw human skeleton in masterful way I could draw anything in the world that I wanted to with greater ease and accuracy, including painting in a masterful way as well, this is what I wanted as a practicing artist, but it is not necessary to know all the names of those bones. I studied from life in the classrooms and from books from many masters, and studied much gesture drawing, and costume drawing. And now learning and growing so much more because of everyone here and from Mark! and without the construction work in the background finally! In Dec. 2016 I took on drawing a full length portrait from when I was 8 years old, took 5 months to render. 
  • Wow! You are very talented and have great perseverance!

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    @movealonghome ,yes everything Mark teaches and painting realism in oil seems quite transferable, I am now learning to bring this knowledge to my "plein air" experience.
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