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Drawings I Rendered In Prep For The Leap Into Oil Painting With Mark


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    # 1-Still life, multi media drawing on grey toned drawing paper, 18" x 24". #2 & #3- Still life with skull, on white drawing paper, 14" x 17". #4- Still life with Egg on a stand 8" x 11", white drawing paper. #5- Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, 10 1/2" x 13 3/4" white drawing paper. (again, these are but representation of the actual). My intention is preparing myself for the oil paintings that I would like to render in the near future. The first 3 of these drawings above are completed art pieces in themselves, the first 4 drawings in all are life size. 
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    I would like to add that these exercises provided an opportunity to get practiced with the proportional divider and the colour checker and a shadow box, I now use these all the time, like a pro now. And these drawings began as mere studies in pencil until, I was having so much fun that I just kept going until the end.    
  • mmhh... I bow my head... you know what you are doing. (I am not quite sure how you packed the bridge into the shadow box... ;) .)
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    @EstherH , Hee, hee, hee! 
  • beautiful work!! I can't wait to see your paintings
  • @nrmorrisII Thank you! I am really just a mere beginning here since Dec. 2016, completed one painting and presently completing my second, will post soon. I really enjoy your latest postings!
  • Judging by your drawings, you have the right mind to be an amazing painter.  I actually started painting a few years ago.  Like you, I mostly just drew with pencil, not even color pencil. I think because i was able to draw accurately (proportionately) and understand value, the transition to painting with the help of Mark's videos and tutorials was successful. I think you will have a similar journey.

  • wow!!.. your pencil work is awesome and so precise!! I too started with pencils but not nearly as good as these  =)
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