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Modern paint styles

Has anyone got any recommendations for a site online that tries to categorise modern paint styles?

For example, I've seen quite a few paintings where the background is unfinished leaving the stained canvas showing through, or where parts of the paintings appears to be dripping down the background.

I have no idea what these styles would be classified as, that's even if they have a name or can be put into a box!

I guess I'm just trying to get an idea for some of the styles that are out there at the moment that people are using, if that makes sense.. :)


  • Richard_P

    This page identifies and describes 49 modern painting styles.


  • Richard_P

    I don't see any bare canvas and dribbles school of painting. Perhaps they are part of the biggest style of art called " Unfinished" :)


  • There are only two styles: What I like and What I don't like! So far Richard_P, I like everything you do and I like everything Denis posts here.
  • Ahh, thanks Bob! :)

    @dencal I guess it might be trying to have some areas of the painting realistic and others impressionistic. Maybe that's the style that's fashionable right now.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 24
    You might want to take a look at realism with impressionism; unfinished paintings; preliminary drawings for paintings that never came to be; unfinished sculptures; fragmented sculptures that survived antiquity; unfinished symphonies, etc. on Google Images.  I have a difficult time seeing "unfinished" as a style in fine arts--maybe in commercial art.  I think if a work of fine art isn't finished, it has been interrupted.  Possibly their muse has fallen into a deep sleep, or the artist has run out of paint or supplies at the same time that there were lack of funds, disputes with patrons, illness, drunkenness, death,  theft, earthquakes, war, or whatever.  Just saying.   ;)  
  • Trying to brainstorm art theory kinda takes the fun out of making art. Not speaking for my self because I'm too old to develop my own style but some of you folks are adept or fast becoming adept and mastering the skills and most definitely will eventually have your own style. I'm sure curators in the future will be explaining to patrons that the particular painting they are viewing is in the style of KAUSTAV or Richard_P. Maybe the Martin J Crane style or just the Carderite style. Don't take this as criticism or to mean what Richard is after isn't worth pursuing because MC, Denis and many others here have studied this stuff and in so doing have helped us all along the way (not to mention fulfilling their lives). I'm not sure what my point was but Summer made a good point - unfinished is what style it started out to be in my book either that or the artist dropped his palette on a canvas on the floor while having a heart attack and the experts have been trying to figure out what it was supposed to be for a century. 
  • edited January 25
    I consider this style as contemporary (modern). Tibor Nagy considers himself as an impressionist, which I think is true.

    Obviously this is not the dabbing method of 19th century but rather pushing and pulling kind of a method. This deals with realism and the findings of the last century. A large number of artists follow this style today. The technique employs an extremely flat brush and palette knife.
  • Thanks @Kaustav I have seen this style a lot as well. This is the kind of thing I was thinking of :)
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