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Artist Scam - or am I being paranoid? help

         The other day I received an email that was a scam or what I believe is a scam. I am on a site where you can advertise for your services. I received an email from a guy who had terrible grammar and spoke of how he is recovering from cancer and wanted to commission me to paint a 30x40 painting of wildlife for his wife as a gift. He mentioned that he is moving to London and that someone helping him move would arrange the shipment of the painting. He was practically willing to pay anything I wanted for the painting. When I told him to send the first payment through PayPal he said that his wife handled PayPal account and he wants to surprise her... if he could "send me a check" to give him my address... told him I couldn't do that and he said that he can give me his "credit card information" ... his name is also "Anthony Smith" sounds very generic... 

Am I being paranoid? 


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