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Never got "adds" nor "redirected" before This!

edited December 2016 in Technical Support
Today I've experiencing adds coming or my being redirected to, when I click on what I want in discussions. Never experienced this on this site before. Anyone else? Crazy interruptions for me this morning. Hopefully just temporary. If it's just me, then no worries, disregard this discussion. Thank you.


  • Forgiveness

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It sounds like you have tracker cookies on your hard drive.
    There is a particularly insidious piece called adware which does as you describe.

    You can instal Norton to periodically clean this malware or some similar product.


  • Forgiveness

    My Norton program just did a quick monthly scan and found and removed three tracker cookies from my hard drive. These small programs record my on line behavior and report it to a third party, without my knowledge or consent.

  • Chrome no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista, that's all folks.
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