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Bridal Bouquet Project

Hi gang, haven't been on here in a while. This day job just gets in the way! But - I am undertaking a BIG project for me. I have done 3 DMP paintings so far, so I am still quite the newbie. A friend's daughter got married recently, she had seen a couple of my paintings and asked me to do a painting of her bouquet. I tried to talk her out of it, but I agreed with several caveats: I don't know when I will finish, I'm doing it for free, I get to design it. She was fine with all that - she just loved the idea that her dad's best friend would do this for her. So here goes nothin'!! I will be asking for guidance from you good people!

I took this photo at the house where they held the wedding. There was a grand, dark wood staircase coming down from the second floor into the main room where the ceremony was held. After the wedding I took several pictures of the bouquet around the house (next to the cake, on a bookshelf, on a table) but this one really stood out. 

I am going to follow DMP as closely as I can - I'm working on the drawing now as you see. 24x30 inch canvas. I will define my color groups and save the paint in snap caps because I know it will take a while to get this done once I start mixing then painting. I will minimize blending and get the canvas covered as Mark demands ;^) I really hope to finish with nice brush strokes that just look like a mess up close, but from a distance just come together. 

This is such an ambitious project for me!

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