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Preparing for this ice storm...who else is in the path?

I live just outside of Joplin MO and we are supposed to be part of the "major ice storm" coming. Just wondering who else is expecting to wake up to some lovely weather! If we get enough I am gonna skip out on work and just hunker down and PAINT! ; )


  • So far just snow in Denver.
  • Gary said:

    We are in an emergency situation due to this significant demand for ice to put in adult beverages (with little umbrella's) caused by the huge increase in the snow bird population leaving your area. To prepare for this emergency I just went to the grocery store and got several large bags of ice and extra large bags of little paper umbrella's before they sold out as word spreads about the storm.

  • We are waiting for the "siberian bear"..
    Strange usually have little imagination and call cold spells... n°1 of the month of ... n° so on... this has first and last name so I start to worry!
    I hate cold! From a couple of years when it's particularly intense the ring and the little fingers of my "big hand" swelling ... I just hope that the beginning of flu that keeps me company not worsen... for the rest .... a marvel. :D
    Gary ... I'm thirsty! :((
  • It's going to be 89 hear in a couple days Liz. I will think about you. LOL
  • Wow, I didn't know that Liz. I just turned on the weather station and now see how bad it is out in that area. Best to stay home.
  • Yeah, thanks Garry and Bubba G! The ice finally hit us early this morning and hope it does not keep coming down the way it has the past few hours. Having some impressive thunder with it too! I promise to only have warm drinks to not detour any drinking ice from you all! :P
  • Stay safe Liz! Appreciate you sticking to warm drinks as our ice emergency is racing toward a crisis. Nancy and I ate lunch in a beautiful little restaurant in downtown Mount Dora just an hour ago. Sat out side and the heat was brutal....I did my part by asking the server for one less ice cube. A humble sacrifice to help out in our desperate situation - we all have to do our share!

    Nancy and I are going up next week for lunch with Bubba G at his digs on the beach on the Palm Coast of Florida. We've already made the major decision not to take our ice chest and can only hope he still has his emergency supplies of ice and paper umbrella's. I think we'll be ok since Garry will not be there....after his 'performance' in his little hat last night, I gave him an address for Bubba G's about 300 miles to the south and on the opposite coast. Getting the three G's together was a grand idea but will have to wait until the current ice emergency subsides.
  • Is your power out yet.... calling Liz, calling Liz...
  • Thanks for checking Mark! Nope, did not loose power and have not had any ice coming down since about 2 pm. Roads are terrible so I am snug as a bug in a rug staying home.
  • Yea, Gary and I are putting forth our best effort. My granddaughter back home had to get a neighbor to help her get out of the drive because of the ice on the drive!
  • The road grader finally came down our road today. The roads were treacherous so I just sat my butt at home. So sad to end up having to take a 4 day weekend. : - )
  • Liz....everyone in your family and the business got through the ice storm ok?
  • Yeah, business is of course is at a complete stop but that is really the only time we do stop production...if it is icy or below 25 degrees. Some people in Joplin lost power for a little while but nothing big. It was like tiny hail vs a freezing rain that will take down limbs and power lines.
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